Graphic Consulting: Logotype and Brand Board Design

Having a Trademark is not only a matter of image: it serves to demonstrate to the Customer your identity, the quality you offer, your Promise. With this service we will design the stylistic basis of your Brand, in a professional form to put you in a position to communicate in a unique way and always […]

Tax and bureaucratic consulting: Italian Host Solutions

Tax Consulting Marco, Chartered Accountant since 1999 and Superhost Airbnb, has a specialization in the extra-hotel sector and with Italian Host Solutions he deals with administrative, bureaucratic and fiscal practices in the extra-hotel sector. For pHostit, he is responsible for examining cases of opening, modification, closure and sale of non-hotel structures, trying to find the [...]

Conventions and Events

CONVENTIONS AND EVENT We decided to create a network of professionals because we are first and foremost a community. People who believe in a common goal and share the dream of making a passion a profession. For this reason we are committed to always guarantee the best and we are promoters of aggregation activities and [...]

How to conduct the reception

HOW TO CONDUCT THE RECEPTION WE TAKE CARE OF YOUR GUESTS BEFORE, DURING AND AFTER BOOKING. Our guests have different tastes and objectives, they appreciate the personalization of the stay and the genuineness and typicality of a tourism well inserted in the local context but they do not renounce to professionalism and are aware of [...]

How to manage a B&B

HOW TO RUN A B&B - YOU CAN COUNT ON US. Rome does not know seasonality, the flow of arrivals is continuous and a lot of competition does not allow approximations. For this reason we have created a network of professionals that guarantees you a continuous availability, that can respond to all your daily needs [...]

How to open a B&B

HOW TO OPEN A B&B - LET'S PREPARE YOUR HOME TOGETHER! Do you have a property to make a profit, share your passion for hospitality with us or simply have a space in your home that you would like to use to earn more money? Rome is definitely the right city! At any time, without [...]


Host Do you want to invest in the out-of-hotel? ASK US HOWHow to open a B&BLet's prepare your house togetherMORE INFORMATIONHow to manage a B&BYou can count on usMORE INFORMATIONSHow to conduct the receptionWe take care of your guests before, during and after booking.MORE INFORMATIONSConventions and eventsTogether we are a great teamMORE INFORMATIONS It was [...]

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