pHostit manages and offers rooms and apartments for rent in the heart of the Eternal City, between the Pigneto and Torpignattara districts, east of Rome’s historic centre.

Well equipped apartments or structures able to meet every need. Different solutions, whatever type of stay you dream for your trip to Rome!

pHostit makes you enjoy a business stay, a family holiday or an unforgettable trip. We take care to your needs, we personalized assistance and always we attention to detail in every apartment proposed.

For PROPERTY OWNERS pHostit offers experience and professionalism to provide you with information, to guide you step by step in the extra-hotel sector to satisfy every wish of your guest.

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How to conduct the reception

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Who we are


Originally it was the Host. A character who worked alone in the new world of sharing economy; the brave one who in full autonomy tried to offer the best hospitality, working hard to meet the many different needs of guests from all over the world.

With time, the changes in the market and new technologies have outlined higher and higher expectations and important duties, to the point of making it necessary the collaboration between multiple professionals. Different figures, each one specialized in a specific sector.

pHostit is the virtual marketplace where these professional figures can meet guests while they remain in constant contact, to ensure maximum performance.

Not the usual service agency or real estate brokerage, but a network of experienced and motivated people, who offer their professionalism without forgetting the personal and family style that distinguishes them.


pHOSTit aims to give new strength to the culture of hospitality. We want to present the community and relational lifestyle that characterizes our Pigneto district. A new model of tourist development, which is based on coordination between specialists and aims to offer a service for guests of excellent quality, able to meet all needs and to favour the typical features of the area in which it is located.

In a single website, all the solutions for your experiential tourism!

Our Team


Hi, I'm Eva,
Roman by birth and from Pigneto by choice. After my degree in Political Science I worked in several management secretariats and finally became Co-Host in 2015.
I help the owners of the facilities to manage and organize all stages of the reception, taking care of the house and each guest, as if he were my own.
I love this job because it allows me to use my skills and experience in organizing and I can be in contact with different people and cultures every day!
Can't you take care of the next check in or do you want to leave your home to a trusted friend for a longer period of time?

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Housekeeping Management
Hi, I'm Domenico,
I take care of the management of the structure and I control and coordinate all the domestic emergencies that may occur daily or the bureaucratic tasks proper to the life of each apartment.
Through continuous collaboration or direct intervention for emergencies, I work with professionals of various kinds (plumbers, electricians, painters etc.) so the structure is always ready to receive guests!
Do you want to check the electrical system or modernize the kitchen or make your guests' space safer? Do you need a continuous check because you can not always be present in the structure? Your guests have a problem at home and you don't know who to send?

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Certified Local Guide
Ciao, welcome to the Eternal City,
let me indroduce myself: My name is Alessandra and I am a licensed tour guide in Rome and Vatican City. I feel lucky because my passion in life is also my job. I love spending time with people, discovering ancient Roman ruins and showing them hidden corners of my beautiful city, by unveiling the secrets of its history.
If you want to experience something special and taste the true Roman cuisine, do not be shy and tell me. I am a foodie as well. I can also tailor the tour to your special needs.




Specialists in tourism promotion, we integrate the know-how and years of management of extra-hotel facilities professionalism experienced with specialized collaborations and synergy between partners in the area.
This means that we work daily to guarantee that our answers are always fast, up-to-date, competitive and effective.
Our solid network of professionals in the area guarantees constant availability and assistance.


Due of the changes brought by the advent of digital and sharing economy, the tourist has changed the way he travels. He prefers houses, shared apartments or B&Bs. He appreciates the stay that has the taste of a family and he seeks above all the authenticity and typicality of a tourism well inserted in the local context, without losing his demand for quality.


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