Do you have a property to make a profit, share your passion for hospitality with us or simply have a space in your home that you would like to use to earn more money?

Rome is definitely the right city! At any time, without seasonality and enjoying its unquestionable attractiveness, it welcomes tourists every day, but not only, looking for the warm welcome that only a local accommodation can provide.

Sometimes, however, bureaucracy can be an insurmountable obstacle and setting up accommodation to meet the many needs of different people can be particularly difficult if you are not adequately prepared.

Our professionals are at your disposal with answers that are always up-to-date

Graphic Consulting: Logotype and Brand Board Design

Having a Trademark is not only a matter of image: it serves to demonstrate to the Customer your identity, the quality you offer, your Promise. With this service we will design the stylistic basis of your Brand, in a professional form to put you in a position to communicate in a unique way and always […]

Tax and bureaucratic consulting: Italian Host Solutions

Tax Consulting Marco, Chartered Accountant since 1999 and Superhost Airbnb, has a specialization in the extra-hotel sector and with Italian Host Solutions he deals with administrative, bureaucratic and fiscal practices in the extra-hotel sector. For pHostit, he is responsible for examining cases of opening, modification, closure and sale of non-hotel structures, trying to find the [...]

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